At the beginning of the year everything we had to achieve seemed impossible to me and now I can’t believe I am now nearly at the end of my 3 years at university. Looking back over the past 8 months I have achieved so much and created a project and a set of images I am proud of. Creating a blog it has been great to create a log of our work and setting myself up for the future. I started off showing the first stages of my work and my ideas and this progressed into my final project and how I am planning stages for when finishing university.  Throughout this year and blogging my confidence grew and I was able to be proud of the work I have been posting. When creating my blog I tried to develop ways in which I could include interesting post’s about what I was completing outside of my major project for example getting my DBS form’s completed to volunteer and gain knowledge of what I want to carry out in the future.

When people or family ask about my current project’s it was so easy to have a blog I was constantly updating to be able to get it up on my phone and show my work. Having the app on my phone I had someone instant I could bring up and show. From starting the year I was determined to post more than once every single week. I have stuck to this and this is why my blog has progressed and shown a good understanding of my practice. The blog has helped define what my work is about and my style of photography.

In the past I have always been the one to step back and not to put myself out their as a photographer. I always shy away from showing my work or taking opportunities that come up. From university setting up a number of different talks from past students or photographer’s it was great to hear their stories and how they became to the position they’re in now. Everyone has to start somewhere even this is being someone’s assistant and just watching other people or being a free intern to companies. You have to gain your experience from somewhere. This is what encouraged me to go on and get my DBS forms completed and pursue to volunteer in a secondary school with GCSE photography. I really enjoyed this experience and it helped show my work and help others with the stages they’re at with photography. I never thought I would be good enough to encourage this but from finishing my degree I believe I am now.

From deciding to take a year out before perusing my teaching I will miss the constant contact we had at university for example always being able to get feedback on our work. Since 1st year we was constantly reminded that we shouldn’t take the university equipment and studios for granted but coming to the end this is very true. I will miss the atmosphere and constant opportunities we was given. From carrying out this module I feel far more prepared and confident to put my work out there in the professional world. I am excited to build up my experience from leaving university and prepare for the future.


What’s Next?

From coming to the end of my degree I am looking into the future and what I want to do next. From volunteering in a secondary school I have decided this is something I want to consider for my future. I want to take a year out and then go into my teacher training. I have been looking at carrying this out at the University of Hull.

Finished Book


From making my final dummy book at university I decided that the print quality from the digital press was really good. My initial plans was to get my book printed on blurb and then redone at Spink and Thackeray. Instead I printed my book at university and then went to Spink and Thackeray to get the book made. From making the dummy book the size and colour worked really well so I stuck to this when getting my book made. I chose small gold lettering for the title of the book which worked really well. I am so pleased with the final outcome. All the hard work I have put into my book and final project its great seeing the end product.




Final Exhibition Plans

This week at university I have been preparing for printing my final prints for the Exhibition. I started of my printing laser prints of the different sizes of prints I had wanted, I wanted one large A1 print and then a number of different sizes around my main image. After planning different arrangements I decided on a final layout. Because to test a A1 print would be expensive, I just tested the size of the paper before printing my final print. Because my main picture shows the subject looking through his old photographs I chose the different images to be dotted around to put across the message of what he is viewing as he is looking down. This tells the story of what my project is about. I printed my A1 print on semi gloss and my smaller prints on silk card. From the uni facilities this year investing in a digital press the quality of print has improved massively! I am happy I have been able to use the uni resources to print my final degree work.


Final Dummy Book

Before I made my final book I wanted to make a final dummy which would test the ideas I want my final book to look like. I designed the lay out on indesign and made sure it was 180m x 180m. I chose a textured front cover and the light blue. I produced this at university and I found the print quality was really good using the digital press and I was very pleased with the outcome of my final dummy book. From getting feedback from my tutors the edit was finally finished and both the size and the colour of the book worked really well. The only thing I will change when producing my final book will be the title and make it a lot smaller and make sure it’s right in the centre of the page. From using silk paper at uni for approx 36 pages it only cost me round about £5 which is extremely cheap and the quality worked well with my images. The initial idea was to send the book of the blurb and get it rebound but would cost around £15-20 on top of the price at sprinks and Thackeray.



Exhibtion Plans

Along side planning my book I am always trying to figure out how I want to exhibit my work. I am currently creating mocks ups hand drawn and also on photoshop. I want to include a selection of my images both archive and my own. From 5-7 images I want to display as well as my book. I have picked my strongest images and my favourite archive pictures that all work well together. I want a mixture of size prints my biggest being A1. This is again early stages of planning what I want my exhibition to look like. The more I plan and experiment the more it will fall into place.




Making my Book

This week I have been finalising my final edit for my book. I made a proper printed dummy book at university and with a few changed to be made this week my edit is pretty much there. The idea for my book is to print it on blurb and then get it rebinded at Spinks and Thackeray in Leeds. From making a dummy book at A4 size I didn’t feel like the size was working with my images. I’ve decided to do a small square size 18cm x 18cm. I then want to go to spinks and get a cloth cover in the colour powder blue. Today I rang up sprinks to ask a few questions and understand the process. Once I have finalised my edit next week with my last teaching week at uni I will then send my book off with blurb.



Interim Show #3

This week was our last Interim Show before our final exhibition. It doesn’t feel 2 minutes since we was putting work up for the first show and now we have 2 weeks left of teaching and the deadline is slowly creeping up. I choose 2 of my favourite images to put up and for the first time I am really proud of the work I have produced and I feel like this is a big thing for me. I lack a lot of confidence in my own work but as my degree is slowly coming to an end my confidence is building. I am exciting to start producing proper mock ups of the book and edit I want to exhibit. I can’t wait to see what the final degree show will look like.