1st Shoot Round Ellerker

From already carrying out my first shoot in a different location it was my first time to shoot on where I wanted my project to end up. I had 2 roles of film ready for my camera, to start of I wanted to just capture what I saw and shoot naturally rather than forcing an image to look good. This started of by just simple landscapes around the village but also which parts of the village where important to me, I filled 2 lots of film up both consisting of 25 images per roll. After shooting I got them developed on the same day, I was extremely happy with the outcome with the photos only being my second shoot I feel it is a positive start, when shooting the sun and the reflections made a massive impact on my images. Contrasting with the autumn leaves falling from the trees and the sunlight they made some really nice images.


For every minute you are angry you loose sixty seconds of happiness, 2005

Julian Germain is one photographer I have looked at over the past year and has influenced my own work, is my second year project of my great grandma who lives in Ellerker. Carrying on from second year I wanted to expand on this idea and from looking at Germain’s work again the way the photographs are taken inspires me again for this project. Even though the images are taken of just one subject his surroundings around him have a massive impact of these images personally. From photographing my project the main subject being the village I feeling like including personalities from the village with impact my images also introducing my family into my project.

The series ‘For every minute you are angry you loose sixty seconds of happiness’ is made over 8 years of the quiet, contemplative existence of Charles Snelling, an elderly man living alone in a small house in Portsmouth, his images of Charles Snelling are also shown alongside pages of Snelling’s own photo albums.

‘I met Charles Albert Lucien Snelling on a Saturday in April, 1992. He lived in a typical two up two down terraced house amongst many other two up two down terraced houses…it was yellow and orange. In that respect it was totally different from every other house on the street……Charlie was simple, gentle, man. He loved flowers and the names of flowers. He loved colour and surrounded himself with colour. He loved his wife. Without ever trying or intending to, he showed me that the most important things in life cost nothing at all. He was my antidote to modern living.’ Julian Germain, from the book ‘for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness’, SteidlMack, 2005

“…’For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness’ is a template model for what critical engagement should try to achieve in our day and age: forget the ‘winners’ and the ‘losers’ and provide examples of people who operate in a different forcefield. People who are not gasping, not filled with self- importance and not embittered, people with profound and understanding of who they are and what they stand for, something that cuts across all cultures.” Hans Aarsman, from ‘Do we just keep complaining about injustice or do we set an example?’

From these quotes and information about the work of Julian Germain the description of charlie and sense and message ‘for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness’ gives of the finding your purpose in life relatives to the way I want to express the way Ellerker works and people in this community.


Using Film

For my final major project I want to use a film camera for the first time. From presenting my idea in my seminar the feedback I got was if i wanted my images to look the best possible way for this project was to use film. I think it is a good idea to also use film because it will be good experiment with different techniques. I purchased myself a cannon film camera with auto focus using 35mm film, I thought it would be useful to have my own camera so i could shoot wherever and whenever I wanted. The first time I got my images developed I was very impressed the quality was very sharp and I loved the way the colours looked in the image.

Next Idea/ Shoot

My next step from my first shoot and exhibition is to carry on shooting but swap over and use my film camera. Film is something I haven’t used much before but always been something I was interested in using, seen as though it is my final year I want to use this opportunity to use my film camera and experiment with the images and setting to produce the best images possible. I will now shoot in the Village Ellerker which is where my family grew up and experiment the life in the village, the main interactions that make this village unique and also which parts of the village remind me of my child hood.

Interim Show 01

Throughout my final year part of our course we have small exhibitions throughout the year in preparation for our final third year exhibition. For our first one of the year we had to produce one image which would be shown in the creative arts building at the University of Huddersfield. For this I picked one of my images I took in my first shoot to give people an idea of what my project will be about.

I was happy with the image I selected to show in this exhibition but also how the experience of showing my work in this format for the first time, it was good to gather feedback from people which would influence my next set of images. One idea was to use film to create images the ones i picked out for my first set of research.



First Shoot- Pickering 2016

To get the ball rolling in my project i decided to shoot at my current location this weekend on a weekend away in Pickering. With it being my first shoot I just wanted to start of experimenting with how I wanted my images to look. For a weekend away on long walks around the countryside I thought this was an ideal opportunity to take my camera out and take as many images as I could. From starting my final year in September I wanted to now use the chance to improve my skills with different cameras and lenses, I used a nikon 800 for this shoot purely because the image quality was brilliant and it was a camera I haven’t used before. I enjoyed using this camera even though it is a very heavy camera and not ideal to use on a 7 mile walk!! I wanted this shoot to be very relaxed and not rushed and able to just let my ideas form and place themselves while taking my images.



My First Idea

For my Final Major project for my third year of my degree I wanted to choose a subject I would be able to follow and progress throughout the year. From researching Ideas i came across an article by Edge of Humanity Magazine, is was about a photographer called Ekaterina Vasilyeva. She produced a piece of work called ‘Andrushino’ A dying village in Russia, the project was called ‘After the Firebird.’

The photographs she took for this project reflects her personal relations with her relatives who grew up in this small village in Russia. She says that Russian Village is slowly sinking into an oblivion. Her Grandad and Grandmother who got married and stayed there for the rest of their life. Over the past 5 years she has been documenting people from the small village her grandparents started their lives. The images she took really relate to the idea i have floating around my head that I want to capture for my final major project. At the end of my second year I produced a book which was focused on my great grandmas life and the comparison to archive images. This project really inspired me and left me wanting to produce more. From doing well in this last project I want to put these ideas into another extended project. My grandparents and mother and uncles grew up in a small village called Elleker which is in East Yorkshire. I love the closeness of the small knit environment and development over years which has built a village community. I want to capture the every day lives in this modern society.