My First Idea

For my Final Major project for my third year of my degree I wanted to choose a subject I would be able to follow and progress throughout the year. From researching Ideas i came across an article by Edge of Humanity Magazine, is was about a photographer called Ekaterina Vasilyeva. She produced a piece of work called ‘Andrushino’ A dying village in Russia, the project was called ‘After the Firebird.’

The photographs she took for this project reflects her personal relations with her relatives who grew up in this small village in Russia. She says that Russian Village is slowly sinking into an oblivion. Her Grandad and Grandmother who got married and stayed there for the rest of their life. Over the past 5 years she has been documenting people from the small village her grandparents started their lives. The images she took really relate to the idea i have floating around my head that I want to capture for my final major project. At the end of my second year I produced a book which was focused on my great grandmas life and the comparison to archive images. This project really inspired me and left me wanting to produce more. From doing well in this last project I want to put these ideas into another extended project. My grandparents and mother and uncles grew up in a small village called Elleker which is in East Yorkshire. I love the closeness of the small knit environment and development over years which has built a village community. I want to capture the every day lives in this modern society.


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