Anna Fox

Anna Fox produced a series of work called ‘The village’ and then another series called ‘Back to the Village’. This work I feel fits perfectly with the project I want to produce. She produces a series of colour portraits documenting rural events including, Halloween festivities, Guy Fawkes night and village plays. Fox has became known for her extensive documention of rural life in Southern England and is keen to dispel the myths created by popular imagery of the countryside.



Planning my next shoot…

My next shoot will take place this week. I have a fantastic opportunity to shoot for the village show in Ellerker. This is where my project is going to be based. The show is over 3 nights Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Shooting this will give me chance to photographer Ellerker as a community. My grandparents produce the show and gives me access to shoot this over the period of time it’s on. Tonight I am currently going to photograph the dress rehearsal. I want to be able to shoot different sections of the process of producing the show.

  • Putting up scenery
  • Putring down scenery
  • back stage
  • make up
  • hair
  • costumes
  • the performance
  • changing of the scenes
  • characters
  • village hall
  • audience

I am looking forward to experimenting with this shoot and seeing what images I can produce.


Sophie Abbott- Graduate Student

Sophie Abbott is a previous student who studied photography at the University  of Huddersfield. In our morning lecture we was lucky enough to have a live Skype chat in one of our morning seminars! She has worked photographing for Dorothy Perkins and Evans from graduation in 2015! From July she was lucky enough to get the job as a retoucher at Something that really interested me with being a huge fashion brand online. Being a past student and with us 3rd years so close to finishing it was interesting to understand the process and experience she picked up while finishing uni and applying for jobs.

Sophie was able to give us some brilliant tips for when we are in the process of applying for jobs and going through the interview stage. She gave us the advise to have your images in both prints and digital forms! To always be honest in a interview of what your skills are. An example of this was when she was interview for BooHoo and they asked her what experience she had about printing, she was totally honest about not having much knowledge but made it clear she was willing to learn and put her all into anything thrown at her. Some people would big up the fact that they knew loads about printing, to shine through the interview. It is clear you should always be honest because when you do get the job and you have to prove what you said you was able to produce in the interview.

She expressed the term ‘Visual Distribution’ this was something that caught our attention. We was reminded that remember this terminology would benefit us in the future. Visual distribution is the moving of the brief and organisation to everyone who is involved of the job.

We then asked some important questions of what we would want to know from her experience. A good point was, how would we prepare for interviews? She explained how she thought, if she was interviewing what would she want to talk about and learn. Also to have a very strong online presence. Have your website link, instant. From experience she told us how to have your photographs instant like a website link or a blog of your images. She discussed how using PDF previous it was very time consuming. Another question was what platforms she used to look for jobs and talked about This is a website I have used for a while when looked for previous part time jobs and I often keep up to date with what jobs are currently advertising. Key words are important for example photographer, photography, creative.

CVs are a very important part of preparing for an interview. Sophie made some very important points of having a clean CV and be distinct of your degree, for example under your name on the top. Keep it short and snappy and adapt your CVs to what jobs you’re applying for. Revelvant skills you have, for example don’t mention the paper round you did when you was 13. These skills aren’t relevant and the interviewing will not want to know about every bit of experience you have gathered since you was young.

Interns was also a topic of conversation. Sophie carried out a few of these, people often shy away because they’re unpaid. Sophie explained how even though they’re unpaid it takes pressure of you as a photographer. If you want to learn they are brilliant experience and also gives you an insight into the company and grows your confidence.

From this online talk I was really interested and the fact that she worked for a company like made me so interested on what she had to say. I took some very good valued points from this and makes me very excited to go out and enter the real world and look for jobs that are suitable for me. I would like to thank Sophie Abbott for the time she took out of her day and talking to us.



Anna Taylor – Workshop

Anna Taylor is currently a blogger for Look Festival, we was lucky enough to have a 2 hour workshop with her. With her main focus being a writer she helped us come up and create descriptive ideas to write about our own work but also on our blogs or personal statements. The first activity she encouraged was to describe an image/ screen shot from our commute to university that morning. For me and mostly my friends the difficult thing about starting this was the first sentence. We didn’t know where to start. I managed to pick a snap shot from when I looked out my window and saw my car frozen over and covered by fog. The point in this exercise was to be able to describe a image within a short paragraph. Personally I find it difficult to talk about my own work so this was extremely useful. Anna went on to discuss and make some very clear points on general principles when writing.

  • Structure/ framework
  • Punctuation
  • Readability
  • Clear Intention
  • Understanding your own subject
  • Communicating with the reader

Something I have learnt while writing and finishing my dissertation is the point of understanding your own work. From writing essays in the past throughout my A levels I struggled to really understand what I was speaking about without carrying out research and understanding the subject I was talking about. When writing my dissertation I carried out all the reading I had to do but also enjoyed the subject I was speaking about. This is really important I think, enjoy what you’re speaking about and the work will flow and come together a lot better.

Throughout Professional Practice we are encouraged to join and enter different competitions to get our work out there. Anna also made some very positive comments about the way we would talk about our own when entering.

  • Know your work/ project thoroughly
  • Your reader is a person
  • Put yourself in the readers shoes
  • Respond to the brief
  • How does your work fit?
  • only give relevant information
  • Key messages in the first few lines
  •  make your application easy to follow

All these points help influence what work I will be producing and competitions I will enter. Every statement should be short and snappy and be relevant to the live brief.



Portare- Clothing Brand

For my professional practice module I am constantly looking out for opportunity’s to get ready for the working world. Portare is a clothing brand based in Barnsley, advertised online. They have recently posted a job advisement looking for a student photographer. For some experience I enquired about the job and carried out a phone interview, which gave me the opportunity to send over some of my own work I had carried out over previous years. Even though the job was in Barnsley which would not suit me to where I live and the working hours it was good to be able to talk and gain experience from someone over the phone and discuss what the job would entail. I received feedback on my work and also gave me more confidence to put myself out their in terms of working and gaining experience.


Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Anastasia Taylor- Lind work I got showed by one of my tutors which he thought linked in well with the idea and project I would like to produce. The moving image is about Westcountry farmers that produce and harvest cider. The way they produce the cider is in a small community within family and neighbours. Anastasia documents the life of the farmers and records the descriptions from men that take part in this tradition.


The Cidermen

The Cidermen


The Cidermen


The Cidermen

n.The Cidermen

Back To University….

Having currently 1 month off for Christmas and my time mainly being focused on my Dissertation and Research and Development. It was now time to focus on my final major project and preparing myself for when I leave university. The thought that my 3 years at uni is slowly coming to an end. Personally I feel ready to see what the next chapter of my life will bring. But it time to put all my effort and motivation into producing the best work possible. From before January I have briefly touched upon my idea I would like to produce for my Final major project. The idea around the village Ellerker, from focusing on the surroundings I now want to interview people who have spent a lot of time growing up with the village and creating many memories here. In my mind I would love to produce a moving image for my grad show. Including a selection of moving image but also stills.

The first week back to university we had a work shop run by Laura Bird. This was interesting as it was about setting up ourselves a professional Linked In account. Linked In is a professional network that is set up to make connections with new and up coming jobs. Not being very familiar with Linked In it was very interesting for me to put myself out there and start to pull together and skills I have learnt through my degree but also along side working part time along uni. As someone who isn’t one to openly share their work, I feel like making a linked in account and also creating this blog will develop my confidence with sharing my work and entering competitions to get my own work noticed. This is something I will share through my blog and also documenting my development on my final major project.