Back To University….

Having currently 1 month off for Christmas and my time mainly being focused on my Dissertation and Research and Development. It was now time to focus on my final major project and preparing myself for when I leave university. The thought that my 3 years at uni is slowly coming to an end. Personally I feel ready to see what the next chapter of my life will bring. But it time to put all my effort and motivation into producing the best work possible. From before January I have briefly touched upon my idea I would like to produce for my Final major project. The idea around the village Ellerker, from focusing on the surroundings I now want to interview people who have spent a lot of time growing up with the village and creating many memories here. In my mind I would love to produce a moving image for my grad show. Including a selection of moving image but also stills.

The first week back to university we had a work shop run by Laura Bird. This was interesting as it was about setting up ourselves a professional Linked In account. Linked In is a professional network that is set up to make connections with new and up coming jobs. Not being very familiar with Linked In it was very interesting for me to put myself out there and start to pull together and skills I have learnt through my degree but also along side working part time along uni. As someone who isn’t one to openly share their work, I feel like making a linked in account and also creating this blog will develop my confidence with sharing my work and entering competitions to get my own work noticed. This is something I will share through my blog and also documenting my development on my final major project.




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