Anna Taylor – Workshop

Anna Taylor is currently a blogger for Look Festival, we was lucky enough to have a 2 hour workshop with her. With her main focus being a writer she helped us come up and create descriptive ideas to write about our own work but also on our blogs or personal statements. The first activity she encouraged was to describe an image/ screen shot from our commute to university that morning. For me and mostly my friends the difficult thing about starting this was the first sentence. We didn’t know where to start. I managed to pick a snap shot from when I looked out my window and saw my car frozen over and covered by fog. The point in this exercise was to be able to describe a image within a short paragraph. Personally I find it difficult to talk about my own work so this was extremely useful. Anna went on to discuss and make some very clear points on general principles when writing.

  • Structure/ framework
  • Punctuation
  • Readability
  • Clear Intention
  • Understanding your own subject
  • Communicating with the reader

Something I have learnt while writing and finishing my dissertation is the point of understanding your own work. From writing essays in the past throughout my A levels I struggled to really understand what I was speaking about without carrying out research and understanding the subject I was talking about. When writing my dissertation I carried out all the reading I had to do but also enjoyed the subject I was speaking about. This is really important I think, enjoy what you’re speaking about and the work will flow and come together a lot better.

Throughout Professional Practice we are encouraged to join and enter different competitions to get our work out there. Anna also made some very positive comments about the way we would talk about our own when entering.

  • Know your work/ project thoroughly
  • Your reader is a person
  • Put yourself in the readers shoes
  • Respond to the brief
  • How does your work fit?
  • only give relevant information
  • Key messages in the first few lines
  •  make your application easy to follow

All these points help influence what work I will be producing and competitions I will enter. Every statement should be short and snappy and be relevant to the live brief.




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