Planning my next shoot…

My next shoot will take place this week. I have a fantastic opportunity to shoot for the village show in Ellerker. This is where my project is going to be based. The show is over 3 nights Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Shooting this will give me chance to photographer Ellerker as a community. My grandparents produce the show and gives me access to shoot this over the period of time it’s on. Tonight I am currently going to photograph the dress rehearsal. I want to be able to shoot different sections of the process of producing the show.

  • Putting up scenery
  • Putring down scenery
  • back stage
  • make up
  • hair
  • costumes
  • the performance
  • changing of the scenes
  • characters
  • village hall
  • audience

I am looking forward to experimenting with this shoot and seeing what images I can produce.



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