Sophie Abbott- Graduate Student

Sophie Abbott is a previous student who studied photography at the University  of Huddersfield. In our morning lecture we was lucky enough to have a live Skype chat in one of our morning seminars! She has worked photographing for Dorothy Perkins and Evans from graduation in 2015! From July she was lucky enough to get the job as a retoucher at Something that really interested me with being a huge fashion brand online. Being a past student and with us 3rd years so close to finishing it was interesting to understand the process and experience she picked up while finishing uni and applying for jobs.

Sophie was able to give us some brilliant tips for when we are in the process of applying for jobs and going through the interview stage. She gave us the advise to have your images in both prints and digital forms! To always be honest in a interview of what your skills are. An example of this was when she was interview for BooHoo and they asked her what experience she had about printing, she was totally honest about not having much knowledge but made it clear she was willing to learn and put her all into anything thrown at her. Some people would big up the fact that they knew loads about printing, to shine through the interview. It is clear you should always be honest because when you do get the job and you have to prove what you said you was able to produce in the interview.

She expressed the term ‘Visual Distribution’ this was something that caught our attention. We was reminded that remember this terminology would benefit us in the future. Visual distribution is the moving of the brief and organisation to everyone who is involved of the job.

We then asked some important questions of what we would want to know from her experience. A good point was, how would we prepare for interviews? She explained how she thought, if she was interviewing what would she want to talk about and learn. Also to have a very strong online presence. Have your website link, instant. From experience she told us how to have your photographs instant like a website link or a blog of your images. She discussed how using PDF previous it was very time consuming. Another question was what platforms she used to look for jobs and talked about This is a website I have used for a while when looked for previous part time jobs and I often keep up to date with what jobs are currently advertising. Key words are important for example photographer, photography, creative.

CVs are a very important part of preparing for an interview. Sophie made some very important points of having a clean CV and be distinct of your degree, for example under your name on the top. Keep it short and snappy and adapt your CVs to what jobs you’re applying for. Revelvant skills you have, for example don’t mention the paper round you did when you was 13. These skills aren’t relevant and the interviewing will not want to know about every bit of experience you have gathered since you was young.

Interns was also a topic of conversation. Sophie carried out a few of these, people often shy away because they’re unpaid. Sophie explained how even though they’re unpaid it takes pressure of you as a photographer. If you want to learn they are brilliant experience and also gives you an insight into the company and grows your confidence.

From this online talk I was really interested and the fact that she worked for a company like made me so interested on what she had to say. I took some very good valued points from this and makes me very excited to go out and enter the real world and look for jobs that are suitable for me. I would like to thank Sophie Abbott for the time she took out of her day and talking to us.




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