Ellerker Show

Because my final major project is about the village Ellerker, my grandma was producing Ellerker show. What a brilliant opportunity to take some images to show what the village life and community is like. I decided to shoot the dress rehearsal because the village hall is so tiny on the show nights there would just not be any room for me to shoot. I used a Nikon 7100 and a speed light for this. I needed to be able to take quick portraits and the flash was able make the subject stand out in the image. At first I needed to build my confidence in introducing myself and explaining why I was taking images. When looking back at my images I have the awful feeling of ‘why didn’t I do that’ and wishing I could redo the shoot. I think I was too hard on myself because after showing my work in my weekly seminar my tutors had positive feedback and pleased with what I had produced. This really boosted my confidence and has given me even more motivation to go out and shoot more. Personally I feel the shoot was maybe a bit rushed because I was doing mostly portraits. I was quick to take so I wasn’t making them stand there for too long. From the large amount of images I took I edited down a few I thought was the best outcomes.





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