Sophie Lee Talk

As part of our ongoing series of talks this week we had a talk from visual artist Sophie Lee. She graduated from Manchester School of Art. From graduating from university Sophie has done and gained lots of experience. She talked about how she gained the knowledge and experience from applying for Artist Residencies. Some would cost money but she explained the knowledge she gained and being in that situation was brilliant. These could run for a matter of months or years. If gives you the chance to have your own space and lots of time to concentrate on one subject. It helps you build international networks and leads to future opportunities. Develops your own work in a creative community and collaborate with different artists. Also enables freedom to play with your own ideas. From finishing university Sophie got the opportunity to do her teaching and become a teacher. From doing this she lost the ability and time to produce her own work which she wasn’t happy about. She decided to leave her job and become self employed as a visual artist. From working away on a artist residencies she got a network from another artist and was introduced to an agent working in Manchester. From different experiences from graduating it built up contacts which has led to what she is doing now.

Some of her own work Sophie showed was her graduate work, which I thought was brilliant. It was great to see what other people produced for their final year and graduate show. This piece of work was called plain Jane.





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