Danny Treacy

This week in university we had a talk by Danny Treacy about his ongoing work he is producing. The main theme revolving around abandonment starting of with abandoned buildings  and then moving on to abandoned clothing. This started from gaining access to 200 empty flats that was soon going to be taken down. He found clothes from the empty spaces that interested him. This inspired him to carry on collection clothes and rags etc. He took the clothes then into the studio, brining out the detail in the clothing. He felt like the spaces and the outdoors didn’t need to be seen because that detail is brought out in the clothing that he has collecting from the different places. The space becomes less important and more about the clothes. He felt like the choices he made makes sense and that’s why it works so well together. He made it a flat front pose because he wants to show as much detail as possible.

This work was very interesting and I thought the idea was very abstract and it was great to hear all about the process and also other projects he has moved on to using a similar technique.

http://www.dannytreacy.com/- Danny’s Website



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