CVs and Cover Letters- Laura Bird

This week at university we had a talk from Laura Bird and being able to write a proper CV and cover letter. We had to bring in our own CVs in that we had used previously. She gave us some excellent pointers on what we need to include in a good CV

  • no more than 2 slides of A4
  • clear objective
  • is relevant to the employer and targeted to the role
  • has a clear structure
  • has no spelling or grammar errors
  • defines your skills and knowledge

Targeting is key- make sure that your CV is tailored to the organisation. Demonstrate your academic projects and technical skills. Only highlight relevant work experience.


  • photograph
  • DOB/ Age
  • weight
  • religion
  • marital status / sexuality
  • nationality
  • gender
  • acronyms

All the points made where very useful and gave me a great understanding when I update my CV for looking at graduate jobs when I finish university.

Start off by introducing personal details, name, email, contact number and address.

Perosnal profile

2-3 lines

short snappy introduction of your relevant skills, current situation, unique selling point, something interesting about you.


degree, a levels, GCSEs

relevent work experience

revelent skills and achievements

non- relevant work experience

interests / archivements / responsibility’s

referneces – one academic, one past employer


cover letters should include a max side of A4 and focus on what you can offer rather what they can offer you.

Four key points


Why you?

Why them?

Postive conclusion

From carrying out this work shop, it enabled me to get the knowledge of what a good Cv and cover letter should look like. Since being given this information I had updated my CV to the best of the ability. This is for when I start applying for jobs. My ideal time to start applying for jobs will be the end of may/ start of June. I’m sure the knowledge of writing a CV will help me through the process of applying for jobs.


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