Final Dummy Book

Before I made my final book I wanted to make a final dummy which would test the ideas I want my final book to look like. I designed the lay out on indesign and made sure it was 180m x 180m. I chose a textured front cover and the light blue. I produced this at university and I found the print quality was really good using the digital press and I was very pleased with the outcome of my final dummy book. From getting feedback from my tutors the edit was finally finished and both the size and the colour of the book worked really well. The only thing I will change when producing my final book will be the title and make it a lot smaller and make sure it’s right in the centre of the page. From using silk paper at uni for approx 36 pages it only cost me round about £5 which is extremely cheap and the quality worked well with my images. The initial idea was to send the book of the blurb and get it rebound but would cost around £15-20 on top of the price at sprinks and Thackeray.




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