CVs and Cover Letters- Laura Bird

This week at university we had a talk from Laura Bird and being able to write a proper CV and cover letter. We had to bring in our own CVs in that we had used previously. She gave us some excellent pointers on what we need to include in a good CV

  • no more than 2 slides of A4
  • clear objective
  • is relevant to the employer and targeted to the role
  • has a clear structure
  • has no spelling or grammar errors
  • defines your skills and knowledge

Targeting is key- make sure that your CV is tailored to the organisation. Demonstrate your academic projects and technical skills. Only highlight relevant work experience.


  • photograph
  • DOB/ Age
  • weight
  • religion
  • marital status / sexuality
  • nationality
  • gender
  • acronyms

All the points made where very useful and gave me a great understanding when I update my CV for looking at graduate jobs when I finish university.

Start off by introducing personal details, name, email, contact number and address.

Perosnal profile

2-3 lines

short snappy introduction of your relevant skills, current situation, unique selling point, something interesting about you.


degree, a levels, GCSEs

relevent work experience

revelent skills and achievements

non- relevant work experience

interests / archivements / responsibility’s

referneces – one academic, one past employer


cover letters should include a max side of A4 and focus on what you can offer rather what they can offer you.

Four key points


Why you?

Why them?

Postive conclusion

From carrying out this work shop, it enabled me to get the knowledge of what a good Cv and cover letter should look like. Since being given this information I had updated my CV to the best of the ability. This is for when I start applying for jobs. My ideal time to start applying for jobs will be the end of may/ start of June. I’m sure the knowledge of writing a CV will help me through the process of applying for jobs.


Social Media

Today I finally updated my photography Instagram page. Creating my photography presence online separate to my private account on instagram.

It feels nice to be proud of the work I am producing and posting online. Something I have never really had much confidence in.


Dummy Books

This week I have finished shooting for my final edit of my major project. I now need to start editing down the images I want to use. For my final major project I want to produce a book, from this I have started creating dummy books. So far I have made 3 different books from just cutting and sticking and rearranging different edits and from getting feedback from my tutors it is finally moving along. With only 3 weeks to go until Easter and the deadline getting closer I need to start testing paper types and experiment with the next type of book I want to create. I am pleased I am in the position that I can start editing down down and refining my project. I am looking looking to seeing the end result.


Wildlife Photographer of the year



Over the weekend I visited my local art gallery / treasure house. They’re currently showing an exhibition for the best wildlife photographers. It was a great exhibition and I loved the detail in all the images exhibited. The category of the young photographers 17 years old and younger was my favourite section. It was lovely to be able to enjoy a photography exhibition in my home town Beverley.

Danny Treacy

This week in university we had a talk by Danny Treacy about his ongoing work he is producing. The main theme revolving around abandonment starting of with abandoned buildings  and then moving on to abandoned clothing. This started from gaining access to 200 empty flats that was soon going to be taken down. He found clothes from the empty spaces that interested him. This inspired him to carry on collection clothes and rags etc. He took the clothes then into the studio, brining out the detail in the clothing. He felt like the spaces and the outdoors didn’t need to be seen because that detail is brought out in the clothing that he has collecting from the different places. The space becomes less important and more about the clothes. He felt like the choices he made makes sense and that’s why it works so well together. He made it a flat front pose because he wants to show as much detail as possible.

This work was very interesting and I thought the idea was very abstract and it was great to hear all about the process and also other projects he has moved on to using a similar technique. Danny’s Website


Discursive Documents Exhibition

img_0277img_0278img_0280This exhibition was curated by Dr Liam Devlin, the exhibition explored the photograph’s potential to prompt debate, not necessarily to address ‘how things are’ but to ask ‘what is possible’. It looks at how photographs both act as a document (of events or moments) and as an artistic/aesthetic image. It includes several photographers and the exhibition addresses themes including migration and the body.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the opening of the exhibition because of work commitments. But lucky enough we was able to go down in uni time with the curater Liam and also Richard who’s work is featured in the exhibition. I loved all the work shown by the different photographers/ artists. It was nice being able to hear Richard talk about his own work and the process he went through to get the pictures on the wall. Over the upcoming months while the exhibition is running there is a number of debates / discussions involving the artists.

Creating Mock Ups

After carrying out 5 shoots and doing 2 interviews I decided to create a mock up of the kind of moving image I want to create. Even though they’re still images they’re a rolling slide show of my own images and archive images. The hardest part was fitting the images with the sound. I have lot’s of voice recordings which some have snippets of bits I want to include. This was just a practice and an idea of the type of thing I want to do for my Final Major Project. For this I used iMovie on apple software. This was £14.99 but is easy and straight forward to use. Plus having a Mac Book on hand to use makes it easy access rather than being tied to using the Macs at University.

Unfortunately by not being a premium user I am unable to upload this onto my blog. These are some of the photographs I have took lately for my project.


Arranging work experience..

Today I have arranged to go help out with GCSE photography at my old secondary school. They have recently started A level and GCSE photography. From getting in touch with my old art teacher for some work experience she thought it was a fantastic opportunity for me to go help out with my experience from doing my a levels and nearly 3 years at university!! We’re currently arranging CRB checks ready for me to help out on Fridays. This is very exciting opportunity for me when trying to figure out what I want to do when I finish university! This could be a great chance to see if I do enjoy it and is something I could think about when I graduate.